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Youth Ministry

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Point of Grace First Annual Breakfast Bash for the Children Church Ministry. Come out and worship with us.

Children are a blessing from the Lord. With these blessings also come responsibilities. As stewards of God's children, parents are responsible for helping children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Churches have a responsibility toward children, too. We want to provide an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age-appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What Do We Preach

         We minister to the spiritual needs of our children through a children's ministry program. The need for this program is evident in that many young people reach adulthood and decide not to follow Christ. They had not been prepared to accept him as their Savior. One reason for this is that some churches do not have an effective ministry to children -- do not have a program to help them receive Jesus into their lives.

What Do We Believe

If we are to have a healthy future, it is essential that we have a viable children's ministry. The purpose of this paper is to help churches develop an effective children's ministry. This paper will not only give a general introduction, it will also address some specific needs. The bibliography lists a variety of good resources for additional information on children's ministries.

What Do We Teach

         We will begin by discussing the purpose and goals of children's ministry. These give an overview of what we are doing. They also give us a standard for evaluating the effectiveness of the programs we have and whether or not to add other activities.

In Closing…..

         Point of Grace’s Children's Ministry strives to provide a Biblical foundation for a lifetime relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Core values are built into the very heart of every children's program: To be more like Jesus, to have knowledge and love of God's Word, to be mission-minded, to be child-friendly, and to provide relationship building opportunities. Living a Christ-centered lifestyle with the ability to apply God's Word is Point of Grace’s focus of teaching while providing a safe, secure, challenging and fun environment that is developmentally age appropriate.

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